What To Look For When Hiring An Agency

Hiring the right marketing agency can, in most cases, be the difference between a good business idea and a successful one. But, how do you know if your agency is a good fit for you, and how do you find the perfect one? 

We’ve compiled a list of the five most important things to keep in mind when hiring a new agency:

1 Breadth of services.

    The first thing you should ask yourself is: will this agency be able to help with all marketing, design, and web development needs? If your agency of choice can manage all aspects of branding, messaging, and digital execution, you’re already on the right track; on the other hand, if they won’t cover certain services, you will need to think about hiring those independently and if your schedule and budget will allow for that.

    2 The team.

      You need to be able to trust the people who work with you. It’s okay to have people with different experience levels working alongside you, but the ones in charge should have extensive experience and be experts in their fields. A team that seems to be constantly changing is, at best, a nuisance, as it takes time to get familiar with a brand’s particular voice and needs.

      3 The experience.

        Closely related to point 2, your team’s expertise should align with the market segment your brand is in (like B2B tech, B2C foods, or hospitality) and your goals for your business. Look for an agency that can connect you with a team of professionals that have the appropriate experience to back up their work.

        4 Can they offer strategy, planning, execution, and reporting?

          You will need a good plan of action to grow your business and expand your audience – strategy and planning are the building blocks to the whole process. 

          After a blueprint is laid out, it’s time to start building – this part of the process will help you reach your audience and, if done well, expand it.

          Finally, it’s important to know whether their work is paying off and your business is growing, and for that, you need numbers; is your agency able to provide weekly or monthly reports with concrete evidence of growth?

          5 Tech stack.

            There are countless options when it comes to technology, but some of them are better than others. Ask your agency what technologies they’re using to help with reporting, execution, planning, or any other part of the marketing process, and make sure they’re following the latest trends to help your business stand out above the noise.

            Once all the boxes are ticked, the difference between a good agency and a great one is the level of care; an agency that prides itself on delivering tangible results and that puts effort into every one of its customers as if it was their own brand is an agency worth working with.